How affiliate marketing works: methods for attracting traffic and the best affiliate program

How affiliate marketing works: methods for attracting traffic and the best affiliate program Featured

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The model is based on the mediation principle. On one side - is the advertiser, who needs to promote his product, and on the other side - people who have a certain need. Your job is to bring them together to get a percentage of the sale. The logic is simple, but in practice, you have to take into account a lot of details.

Step by step, the process looks like this:

The seller creates an affiliate program that spells out the terms, channel requirements, desired target actions, and other technical aspects. These are usually placed in affiliate networks.

The webmaster or marketer finds the offer in the directory: if his traffic sources pass the criteria, he gets a unique link. It should be used in advertising.

When the potential client clicks on it, the information about the source is written into cookies. If during their lifetime, the person manages to make a payment - you get a set commission.

Top Channels for Attracting Traffic

Although each niche has its own set of effective tools, the first step is to explore all the possibilities.

Where to look for an audience, and how to attract traffic on your platform?

1. Social networks.

Two tools are available for promotion: targeting and community building. For the best effect, you can use both. All the Social networks have their own advertising offices in which you can run campaigns. You need to create a good ad, add a link to your partner in it and select the audience settings to show them to users potentially interested in the product.

2. Search engines.

There is a free method of promotion through SEO. The second method - is contextual advertising, which is shown in the output along with the actual search results. The main advantage of this tool - is high conversion, because you are working with a warm interested audience, which is already looking for a problem solution. The disadvantage is the high listing prices. In addition, some offers limit the use of this tool.

3. Teaser networks.

Another platform that allows you to place ads in the form of banners. They are usually placed on affiliate sites with high volumes of traffic. From a content point of view, these are ads that create intrigue, so they use screaming headlines and bright pictures. They differ from targeting ads by simple moderation, which has no problem passing gambling, adult, and other similar niches.

4. Native traffic.

One of the problems with targeting and teasers is banner blindness: people simply don't pay attention to flashy images, so their conversion is unstable. To prevent this, platforms for working with native traffic are helpful. Their idea is to mask the ads with the main content, so people click on the ads and get to your page or the partner's site.

5. Mobile advertising

Every year the number of daily tasks that users carry out with a phone in their hands is growing. Along with this grows mobile traffic, so there are more tools for promotion. Some of them are unique and not available on desktops. Depending on the platform, you can set up targeting by phone brands, operators, OS, etc. Popular formats with high conversions are push notifications, display/banner, and pop-unders.

6. Newsletters

Sending messages to cold open bases is usually a bad idea because of high blocking risks. However, if you are developing your traffic sources, it is worth collecting contact information from users in addition. This content strategy tool will help increase the effectiveness of your other advertising channels.

The choice of a tool to promote an offer depends on its type and the allowed channels. For example, some companies prohibit context, others - against push, while others have a list of restrictions that includes email marketing. In addition to this list, it is important to consider the rules of the advertising platforms. For example, you'll need licenses to promote medical products or services - from supplements to procedures at paid clinics.

Create content

To promote products, it must be useful, but also commercial. Within affiliate marketing, regardless of the platform, several formats convert well:

  • Reviews: you can make a video of the product, talk about the features of the service or share your opinion on the service.
  • Case - an advanced version of a review that tells how you can solve a problem through the use of a product.
  • Tutorials help promote complex offers. You can tell what it is, how it works, what hidden benefits a person gets, etc.
  • Comparisons are a good format to help the audience form their opinion of the product and make a choice. Going to a partner's site after studying such material, users are more likely to take targeted action.
  • Pages with sales - the target audience segments of many brands keep track of sales, so such websites can help to get more conversions.

How to make money from home with the best affiliate program from Isitwork

All of the information that has been written above will help you make money from home with affiliate programs.

One of the most proven and consistently giving good profits is the isitwork affiliate program. This resource helps freelancers find projects they can specialize in. Freelancers get tasks for various projects, and you get your commissions from wherever you are in the world.

The Isitwork affiliate program is a great way for you to start making money from home for many reasons. First and foremost a quality service that you can recommend without worrying about reputation.

It is also important that by recommending people to join the isitwork website you help to create new jobs and employment for people, which will have a favorable effect on the development of society's economics.

It is also worth mentioning that, unlike many other affiliate programs, the terms of cooperation with isitwork are very simple and transparent. And the earning possibilities will pleasantly surprise you. For example, your commission percentage from each service, which will be done or ordered on your recommendation is equal to 20%. That is if the amount paid for the services was $100, your income - was $20. Including there is the second model of earning when you can attract new users who will register on the website. For each correctly made registration by a user on your recommendation, you will get 10 cents. For example, if you could refer 1000 users then you will earn $100 and if you will refer 5000 users then your earnings will be $500.

Also, registration in the program is available with just a couple of clicks and a few fill-in lines of information. If you become a partner of isitwork, you will appreciate how easy and convenient the work process is. No unnecessary control panels and a lot of unclear buttons. Instead, only necessary tools that are always at your fingertips, as well as perfectly functioning statistics on user activity and actions.

To learn more about the terms of cooperation and to start earning from home today - visit the isitwork website.




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