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Regulation and License




The founding year


Leverage range


Minimum deposit




Tradable Instruments

Shares, forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies

Demo account


Base Currencies


Customer support

Yes (English)

Active clients


Publicly traded






Pros and Cons of Definite Area



Accepts crypto payments and crypto trading

Higher minimum deposit of €200.

Keeps clients’ and corporate funds separate.

Lacks a license to offer financial services legally.

Offers bonuses and incentives.

Doesn’t provide demo and Islamic accounts

Fast account registration process.

The company is anonymous,

Offers trading signals to some clients

Fails to disclose numerals for some fees, like withdrawal fees.

What Is Definite Area?

Definite Area is a forex and CFD broker established in 2022. The company promotes itself as a brokerage firm that provides account managers who advise, assist, supervise, and train traders worldwide. Each trader who signs up with the broker is provided with a personalized financial plan and a financial assistant. It is worth noting that several established and regulated forex brokerage firms provide managed accounts but not financial plans.

Definite Area also provides its clients with six different types of investment plans. Most brokers do not provide this type of service, which may be perplexing to most traders. What are the investment plans, and what do they entail? This guide explores Definite Area investment plans to provide traders with information on the services.

Note that Definite Area is unlicensed. The broker also doesn’t provide any company information, for instance, legal company name, headquarters address, owners, etc.

What Are Definite Area Investment Plans?

According to the broker's website, Definite Area investment plans are designed to assist clients in meeting their financial objectives. Because trading is not a sure bet, this is not a popular service in the online brokerage landscape. Having said that, Definite Area provides six different types of investment plans.

  1. Trading for beginners
  2. Secondary income plan
  3. Retirement plan
  4. Family plan
  5. Holiday plan
  6. VIP plan

Below is an overview of what each investment plan offers based on the information provided by the broker online.

Trading for Beginners

It is unclear how trading for beginners falls under the investment plans since it's a course. Essentially, this training course is for novice traders who want to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for independent trading. According to the broker’s website, this training course offers theoretical and practical classes. The broker makes a bold promise that beginner traders will be able to increase their profits on their own and earn a consistent trading income. However, the broker does not provide a sample of the educational materials. Are they videos, articles, or one-on-one coaching?

Secondary Income Plan

The secondary income plan is intended to provide traders with an additional source of permanent income. Permanent income is a bold but appealing promise. According to Definite Area, traders can create this source of secondary or additional income with any amount of capital.

This is made possible by investing in the right financial products and selecting the best passive income tools. Definite Area experts are in charge of assisting you in developing a personalized strategy and a portfolio of assets and financial instruments to invest in under this plan.

Retirement Plan

The retirement plan is another investment plan on the brokers' list. This plan is designed for people who want to supplement their retirement income and not rely on employment during their golden years. The broker claims to help its clients achieve this goal by assessing their potential and needs. Based on that evaluation, the broker develops a personalized financial strategy that includes income redistribution, customer service, and insurance plans.

Family Plan

The Definite Area family plan targets families. However, the plan focuses on each family member's goals, financial situation, preferences, and abilities. In the end, each family member gets a trading account and financial plan that addresses personal and family's overall goal. In a nutshell, the broker promises the following under the family plan.

  • A personalized financial plan for each family member.
  • An optimal trading account for each family member who’s 18 years and above.
  • Savings account for minors under the parent’s accounts.
  • Personal account manager for guidance in implementing the plan and help in executing transactions.

According to the broker’s website, the family financial plan is designed to increase each member’s income and overall family wealth.

Holiday plan

The Definite Area holiday plan focuses on shorter-term material and vacation goals. Under this plan, Definite Area clients get help in planning to achieve their holiday goals and purchasing items such as a car or a property. Like every other plan the broker offers, a client’s financial position and goals are the basis of creating the plan.

Once the plan is activated, clients will have an automatic monthly deduction from their earnings to an escrow account. It's unclear what kind of income the broker is referring to (salary or trading profits). Clients who use automatic deductions do not need to be reminded to make monthly contributions toward the goal and cannot spend the money in the escrow account until the right time comes.

VIP plan

The last type of investment plan offered by Definite Area is the VIP plan. From the broker's website, clients with the VIP plan are guaranteed the following:

  • Access to the best short-term and long-term deals.
  • Access to a closed VIP community for tracking trades and obtaining strategies from the best traders.
  • A call priority where a client's call-back requests are put first.
  • Quickest help and responses from the broker's team via live chat, email, or phone.

From the description, the VIP plan is more about getting exclusive and prioritized services. There's no mention of a financial or investment plan.

Our Final Thoughts on Definite Area's Investment Plans

Definite Area investment plans make promises that every trader would be interested in. However, the broker does not provide enough information about the plans to give traders confidence in using the services. Throughout the broker's services, there is a general lack of detailed information. For example, clients interested in investment plans are not guided on how to get started.

Under some live trading accounts, the broker provides investment strategies and financial plans but does not specify whether the plans include one of the six investment plans and, if so, which one.

Definite Area FAQs

Do Definite Area accounts have a two-step verification process?

At the time of writing this Definite Area guide, the company didn't provide a two-step verification process for accessing your trading account. Having a two-step verification process is a good measure that makes it difficult for unauthorized people to access your account.

What is the Definite Area's minimum Deposit?

The minimum deposit for Definite Area is €200 for the Standard account. This is not far from the industry standard.

Can I trade cryptos and CFDs with a Definite Area Broker?

Yes, you can access and trade crypto and CFDs with Definite Area. The firm accepts traders worldwide.

Does Definite Area give sign-up bonuses?

Yes, Definite Area offers bonuses and incentives. However, the amounts are not available for withdrawal until you meet the minimum trading volume and other conditions that come with the bonuses.

Can I trade with a Definite Area demo account?

Definite Area doesn't offer a Demo account. However, you can view the platform by registering for an account. Note that you'll only be able to view the platform but cannot execute any trades until you deposit your own funds.

How do I withdraw money from Definite Area?

You can withdraw funds from Definite Area through the following payment methods.

  • Debit/credit card
  • Wire transfer
  • Crypto transfer

How long does it take for withdrawal requests to be processed?

According to the Definite Area's Withdrawal Policy, it can take anywhere from one to seven business days. However, it can also take longer, in which case, the trader is kept updated on the status through email or call.

What is the minimum deposit for Definite Area?

Definite Area requires a minimum deposit of 200 euros. The amount could be higher depending on the account a trader opts to open.

Does Definite Area provide a mobile trading app?

No. Definite Area doesn't provide a mobile trading app. The broker's online trading platform is only accessible through web browsers.

Does Definite Area require account verification?

Yes. Definite Area observes KYC. Traders must submit proof of identity and address documents. The proof of identity documents is usually an ID, passport, or driver's license. Proof of address documents includes utility bills and bank statements that are no more than three months old. Your withdrawal request could be denied if you haven't verified your account.

Does Definite Area offer an Islamic account?

No. Definite Area doesn't offer an Islamic account. This can keep people of the Muslim faith from signing up as they'll be violating the Sharia law.




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