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Online trading has become quite one of the best ways to trade over the last few years, with individuals having the option to get to their preferred financial sectors from any place. The ease that it offers has offered individuals the chance to investigate the business sectors they couldn't before due to the obstructions to entry.

But due to the many scams going on in the online trading market, it becomes very important for people to choose the right platform as choosing the wrong one can cost a lot.

Launched in March 2022, Definite Area is an online trading space that has been offering its clients access to global financial markets. And they have been trusted by many for providing security and good benefits to their clients. Definite Area allows its clients to trade a wide range of financial markets, which include commodities, stocks, forex, indices, cannabis, ETFs, and crypto. The definite area provides a separate platform/website to trade, which can be accessed without any installation.

The definite area has been good with protecting their client’s details from getting leaked on the internet by using SSL (Secure Socket Layer). They provide a different account as per the client’s requirement.

They have a much-sorted interface, which makes it easy for the clients to understand and use the website. They have been providing seven different account types which would suit all types of clients and also different investment plans.

The investment plans

Training for beginners- Their educational platform provides proper training to beginners who are new to the trading platform. With the set of theoretical and practical classes, they prepare you for independent trading. With these classes, one can start from basics to stable trading income. They help you make profits on your own.

Secondary Income plans- Secondary Income plans make it possible to make more money on the existing funds by properly investing the funds. Their experts are there to help at each step and to choose the right plans for passive income for you.

Retirement plan- The retirement plan is to help people who have less pension payments. Depending on the client's potential and needs, they prove a financial strategy for secondary income. This includes training, customer services, and income redistribution.

Family plan- Financial needs and capacity of each family is different, so the Definite area analyzes the need and requirement of each family member who is part of the family plan and assign them a personal manager who helps them with all the transactions. This plan helps to increase family income by increasing the income of each family member.

Holiday plan- This plans help you plan your holiday or any expensive buy that you have been planning. Here they deduct a small amount every month and help you achieve your goals with that money. This gets automatically deducted and needs no reminders, also this cannot be used until this plan gets mature.

VIP Plan- With this plan, you get first access to any new deals and plans. Also, the customer support here is amazing. Your call requests are prioritized and you get access to track every trade and get the best strategies. You also get a dedicated VIP team.

Types of Account

Standard account

-It is the most basic plan, with personal account assistant and standard leverage.

  • Bronze account

-This includes a beginner level course, bonus, one insured trade, a personal finance assistant

  • Silver account

-This includes company financing, bonus, silver leverage ratio, a standard course, four insured trades and a personal finance assistant

  • Gold account

-This includes gold leverage ratio, company financing, an advanced course, eight insured trades, personalized investment strategy and a senior finance assistant

  • Platinum account

- Bonus, advanced company financing, investment strategy and financial plan, a calendar of market events and trends updates, trading signals, sixteen insured trades, access to mutual investment programs, financial assistant, premium contracts, company financing

  • Pro account

- With Pro account, you get access to premium bonuses, premium company financing, daily trading signals, pro-level leverage, personal order notifications, a premium investment strategy and financial plan, updates on market events and trends

  • VIP Plan

-This is the only account that a client cannot just sign up for. Only a few selected clients get access to their VIP account and for this, you can contact their team.

Instruments that they offer

The primary inquiry that you want to pose about DefiniteArea is about the trading instruments you will have available to you when you join them. The response is significant because the choices accessible can decide the benefits you can make.

Each trader, even beginners, knows that broadening is the best system in the financial business sector. This implies trading instruments across different financial sectors.

Making separate accounts for doing so is a significant problem and can be hard to make due to, yet Definite Area makes it simple since it gives you admittance to a huge number of trading instruments from well-known markets.

You will get the opportunity to trade currency, indices and stocks, items, and various Cryptocurrencies, which can all be utilized for making an enhanced and adjusted portfolio. This can give you the most extreme benefits.

Safety features of Definite Area

Security is the first and foremost concern for anyone putting their funds on any trading platform. Being on a secure platform helps you to trade freely without getting worried about anything. And Definite Area has created a secure trading platform for its clients. They use Secure Socket Layer technology to maintain the confidentiality of the transaction history and payment information and other personal data of their clients.

Customer and technical support

Definite Area provides amazing customer support for its clients. You get an immediate response to the raised query by their team. They also provide you with a personal manager to help through the financial decisions and make maximum profits. You can receive instant answers through phone, live chat, or email.

Payment methods

  • Credit and Debit cards (including Maestro, Visa, and MasterCard) which is also very convenient method as it allows the customer to get refunds if anything goes wrong.
  • A bank transfer is also a quick method to transfer money from the client's account to the broker's account.
  • Cryptocurrency can also be used as a payment method

The only concern here is that the name and details of the client’s bank account must match the profile. Also, the minimum initial deposit is €200.

Opening an account

You will confront no issue with regard to enlisting with Definite Area. Instead of taking their clients leap through bands just to open an account, the platform has narrowed down the conventions to simply a short and compact structure that you can track down on their site.

A brief glance at the structure demonstrates the way that you can finish it up in two or three minutes since it needs exceptionally basic subtleties. Your first and last name, the country you are in, a telephone number, an email address, and the password that will be utilized for your sign-in details are required.

You just must be no less than 18 years of age to join the platform. Ultimately, you are requested to acknowledge the Terms and Conditions from Definite Area that they have framed clearly on their site. The enrollment is done right away and there is no deferral or waiting time of any sort.


Trading can get tricky if you are just starting out or do not have deep insight into the markets. But choosing the right platform can help you regardless of the stage that you are in. Definite Area has been providing a secure platform for numerous people to trade and gain benefits. The interface and plans of the website are direct and well arranged and their customer support team makes it easy for the clients to deal with any issue occurred.




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