How to earn money by playing games

How to earn money by playing games Featured

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There are games that allow you to sell virtual items for real money. Creators of other projects reward players for advertising or help in development.


A community of millions has formed around video games and is ready to watch the gameplay, read articles and reviews, cheer for eSports teams, buy virtual items, and get their characters boosted in an online game. There's money to be made from all of this, too. We will tell you about some of these challenging ways to make money from games in this article. But also for those who are not ready to spend years on the detailed development of a new profession, we will share information about the service that allows you to earn money on games, called OfferToro, and tell why you should pay attention to it if you want to start making money playing games today. 


Video games are one of the major hobbies of the new generation. Two and a half billion people play video games, tens of millions work in this field. The video game industry is on the cutting edge of technological progress. The developers have big salaries, and the cyber sportsmen have crowds of fans and huge royalties. True, the competition is huge, too.

Ways to make money playing games:


Game Streaming. The streamer is a performer of live broadcasts on the Internet. Streamers go live on the air via special services.


The main platforms now are Twitch and YouTube, but there are also many others. Regular streamers are not paid a salary - their income comes from donations from viewers and advertising contracts. The coolest and most popular streamers have multimillion-dollar contracts for exclusive broadcasts, but they are very few.


YouTube. Instead of streaming, you can record a video and put them on "YouTube. For example, to make a selection of funny moments from the games. If the videos get a total of 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers, YouTube will open an affiliate program. Ads will be shown before the videos, for which the channel owner will receive a portion of the profit. 


Reviews on blogs. You can record your opinion about the game on camera, write articles or make podcasts and gather like-minded people. The secret to success is to quickly pass the game you are reviewing and release it before your competitors. Subscribers and advertising will bring in the money. If the review gains popularity, developers will start asking you to talk about their game, for money.


Character Upgrade. Some players want to play online games for the strongest character, but they are not willing to spend hundreds of hours on the same monotonous leveling. But they are willing to pay for their character to be upgraded by someone else.

Game testing. Game creators hire people who will play it during development. The testers will have to identify bugs before the game goes on sale. Sounds fun, but in reality, have to replay the same levels hundreds of times and write detailed reports about it. Tester's work requires perseverance. Many people say that after a few months of work they stop enjoying video games.


Selling game items and artifacts. For many people, gaming is a very real second life, where they also want to make an impression with their unusual look, weapons, and virtual home.

Make money playing games at OfferToro


But often, we do not have enough time for such complex actions, which are listed above. And if you want to earn some money playing games in your spare time without too much effort - then this option is for you. After all, even away from home, with your smartphone, you can easily go to the OfferToro service to make a few extra dollars right away. 


After an easy registration on the website, you will be able to see the so-called offer wall, which contains various tasks. Just complete these simple tasks while playing games and get your reward. This is really one of the easiest ways to make extra money. To be sure, try it out for yourself. Visit the official OfferToro website and see how easy it is to make money playing games.





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